The best application to take orthodontic records for your office


Fully Customizable

Different template available on request. Mirror occlusal or bucccal intraoral photos. Take photos in any sequence.

Low Learning Curve

Anyone can navigate a cell phpone. Not everyone can handle bulky SLR cameras with heavy light attachments.

Upload Through WiFi

Upload your records in seconds to any computer in your office through Dropbox (TM) integration.

No Missing Photos

Enforces every photo to be taken before completing the record.


Track which assistant took the record to better evalate performance.

Automatic Composite

Arrange all intraoral and extraoral photos into a composite with customizable logo, patient name, and date.

The Technology

Modern Solution

The secret to a smooth running office is to reduce training and implement systems that everyone follows. This application does that for you. Everyone can pick up a cell phone and start using an application. But not so with a large SLR camera. This software eliminates error by forcing each photo to be taken and uploads automatically through WiFi. No more SD cards to loose.

Happy Clients

What they say about us?

"This application made record taking and keeping so much easier"
Sarah Williams
"This is a great product.
It is so easy to use"
Peter Lee
"No more missing photos. Training is so much easier!"
Matt Swan
"I love the uploading function. It is so fast. By the time I walk to the consult room it is already there"
Josh Jacobson
"I am alway afraid of my assistants dropping the camera. Now I don't"
Amy Wiggins
"I keep a wireless charger in the records room. No more dead batteries!"
Pam S.

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All features of this app is available during the 30 days free trial. After the trial, a subscription is required to continue using this application.